Self Cleaning

Hey everyone, so how many of us go for a routine visit to salon? you? not me 😉 i don’t know why. I think my sada sa sabun is enough for my skin (hahah) jk. I do cleansing (rarely) at home considering i don’t have much time or stamina to go out somewhere searching for a good salon and leaving my kids behind for chee chee paa paa (honestly). I always do my own cleansing whether with a good cleanser or a sada sa fuller earth mask (multani matti). And you know what, i m not here to discuss about our skin or body cleaning tbh. I m kind of a gharelu si larki relying much on an outer world for acceptance. Aaaaannnddd i m here to talk about mind cleaning.

Ok! so coming directly on my point or else you will run away thinking kia buddhi khatoon hai yeh :p

I might sound awk talking about self cleaning as i m a person with a lot of depression, anxiety, self doubt, self destructive capabilities, and most of the times no actually every time i ended up leaving myself blamed by not talking to anybody about the problems i face. And not being able to talk to anyone destroys our soul. Yes! it happens to me. I don’t talk to nobody about the issues i m having in my life to sort them out. I go into depression very easily, that create problems for me and my family, my kids undergo of my depression mostly. Living with depression or anxiety or stress is not a sin. It needs to be understood by society and families involved that we are humans with hearts, feelings, emotions.  MENTAL HEALTH matters. Khair, i am thinking about self cleaning. How? Let’s do it together by following these little things.

  • Do not think what others think about you.
  • Let it go. Janay wala/wali/cheez wapis nahi ati.
  • Put yourself first.
  • Smile in every moment of your life.
  • Speak your heart out in front of anyone you feel best.
  • Keep yourself among good people, surround yourself with some genuine people.
  • Do not think about past or else you will live in it and never move on.
  • Dress up. Not thinking what others feel about your dressing. Wear your heart out.
  • Pray often.
  • Make duas.
  • Sit with your family not alone.
  • Cook acha sa khana and invite me over. ;p
  • Do what you love. Don’t feel bad for the things not happened accordingly.
  • Hang out with friends or family you feel comfortable with.
  • Do not think/speak false against anyone, leave it to ALLAH. HE will surely take care.
  • If you are a mother, go out with your kids and play with them. 
  • Start meditation. Speak ALLAH ALLAH ALLAH focusing on your heart beat. Trust me and thank me later. 
  • Spread happiness, love and peace.

Apparently these are day to day maamlaat. Once you start focusing on you and your life you will feel less depressed and with the time passing you will be stress free. I believe what is written will happen no matter what. So, why burning our self for it whats not in our hands. Just live your life peacefully and let live too.

Remember, life is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. You are blessed to make a choice so make it count and make it a wise one too.






Our very own created society just made us a human with no heart. I always think of people living their life without being careful of society. And you know what, those are the real people behind setting up our society.

A girl always get her position selected by others, her family, her relatives decide what she would do, what she would wear, what she would achieve in her life, to whom she should get marry, which degree she would be holding. Everything is decided by her family keeping in mind what society wants to see.

Oh bhai! your girl is a human being not a machine jis ko command kia and you will go easy. No, let your girl be an open soul to you. Ask her what she wants, do not impose your desires on your daughter or sister or wife or whatsoever. It’s twenty18 and people are just treating their girls like they  are living in a no girl era.

Today girls are participating in every field whether medical, fashion, political, marketing and what not. But we cannot actually see a girl competing a boy and gets a position over it. Yes, that’s OUR society and we created it. I being a woman and a mother can see what society is doing to our girls and that is what scares us tbh. We gave birth to a girl, make her learn everything, how to drink, how to eat, how to walk, how to read, and what we did not try is to make her feel herself that she is a girl before daughter, she is a girl before sister, a girl before a wife then a mother.

A girl wants everyone to be happy, she always look after what other wants. But what about a girl, what about her wishes? Who will see what she wants? Who will see if she want anything in her life? We make them live for others but not for their own selves. Our girls spread happiness everywhere with a bright smile but nobody sees what she is hiding behind it. Our girls are so powerful just in case of emotions, they know how to make everyone happy, their roots are so strong and never let them be separated from their belongings. And u know what those belongings are? (sigh)

On the other hand, if a girl lives for herself. She gets a label of 2 number aurat, jesay 2 number hna to is just like living a third world’s life. People never see what they are doing they just know how to let down others. A girl living for herself, log to us k maa baap ko bhi nahi jeenay detay. And then coming a point where families impose boundaries. There should be boundaries around your ears, do not hear what others are saying. Just let your girl do whatever she wants, trust her, give her some space because akhir main hain to hum paraye ghar ki he naa.

A girl always sacrifice herself for her family, phlay for her father, brother and then shadi k baad for husband, kids and in-laws.  A girl never lives for herself, she has so many people to look up to. She has to be daughter, sister, wife, mother. And being every relation takes up her soul.



A girl with no voice.


There is a lot in talks about children sexual harassment, true it is. But we should focus on the root, where is it coming from? It is coming from our homes, yes i repeat it is coming from our homes, nobody is talking about the issue of child abuse that bases on acquaintances. Our very own blood/relatives or you say uncles of our very beloved families are using our children to meet their needs.

Why is it so? Are we so ignorant of our kids that we do not even know who the bloody hell is touching him/her. We often get so busy that we hardly talk to our kid or our siblings. A brother is busy doing his job or business that he rarely talk to his little sister. A father gets too into his life or to earn for the family that he does not even know who is visiting his house.

Let us talk about a story of a girl, who used to be so careful of her belongings. She wanted to love and to be loved. She never wanted to be a part of social activities rather wanted to be a part of her little loving family, her mother wanted her to take care of her little sister while mother being busy in her salon. her mother wanted her to cook meal and she enjoyed that little easy recipes she used to try. Her brother had so many things to do like studies, chatting, friends/gfs(oops), outings and so many other things.  But her brother never noticed her being a silly little creature. He never thought that a person he trusted a lot can ever be a wild boar. He never asked his sister if she needed anything, She needed protection, protection from a man who was there to live in their home.

Mother, a creature/creator? i don’t know what to call her. Just call her mama. Mama never noticed that her blood is using her own creature for his need, that her daughter is afraid of being alone, that her daughter is afraid of being touched that her daughter is afraid of speaking up for herself, nobody noticed (sigh). Your daughter is afraid of telling you, and u know why? because she is afraid of being accused, never undermine your daughter by telling her that she is wrong and doing false, stand with her no matter what the situation is.

I request every mother who is reading this to be very careful of what anyone is doing in their home. Do not allow anyone to roam in your house so carelessly, do not ignore your daughters. Your daughters are the gifts, accept them with love, care, respect, and do what you can to make them feel secure and free. Your daughter deserves love.

This society will never let you live your life (trust me). But stand up for your girl, hold her hand, make her feel secure, and let her be a soulful being. Let her be what did she want to.

A girl with no voice,